Help. Eye injury.

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    This chick was in transit today. It appears that she was pooped on and some got in her eye. She also had some on her back. As chickens do, I believe she was pecked in the eye because of the different white color (poop) around her eye. It is very swollen. She was just fine this afternoon and now it looks like this 8 hours later. She is acting normal, eating and drinking walking around. I have all my resources as far as housing chicks used up so I don't have a separate location to put her in. What should/can I do with this little guy to help it out, or should I cut my losses and cull her? In the pictures she is a little damp from being cleaned up a bit. The light color thing above her eye is a little piece of poop I am still trying to get off...



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    Liberally flush her eye with saline solution and put a little Neosporin in her eye once or twice daily. Continue with the Neosporin until healed. If there's no improvement within a week, crush 1/8 amoxicillin tablet into powder and mix it in 2 tablespoons of water. Use an eyedropper to administer the mixture, two to three drops on the side of her beak in order for her to swallow it. Do this twice daily for 5 days. Be patient, this will be time consuming. Hopefully she'll recover nicely.

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