Help! Favorelle rooster losing his voice!

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Barton VT
    Can someone please help me? I have one of my favorites, a Salmon Favorelles Rooster named Steve that is very hoarse. Now, I heard them crowing (5 roosters total) quite a bit today in their house. When I went in at evening time tonight, I was feeding the goats and heard this weird roo. My first thought is OH NO! Poofy (BC Polish bantam) is really a boy (she is a she...but is a couple months late on laying). Then I saw Steve roo. It sounds like he is rooing for the first time all over again. All I could find online was that it might be a respiratory infection and he could die! Do I have to take him to the vet? Or is there an antibiotic that I can give him. I thought maybe it was just him going a little hoarse from rooing all day. Thanks for the help!

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