Help! Favus Maybe? Chick hatching soon.....

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    Let me start by saying that I'm new to chickens so every experience is a first for me. A little over a year ago I rescued 9 chickens, They were all sick when I got them. Fowl pox/mites. The pox has long since gone away but now I've noticed that they have something that appears to look the same but 100x worse. The black scabs are much much larger and almost cover the entire face area on some of them. Also theres a lot of feather loss around the neck and face area. On my largest rooster I noticed that besides a few scabs on the comb there also appears to be a white almost waxy like substance on much of it as well. My google searching has led me to believe that it may be favor. Based on the photos does anyone have any thoughts? If it is what causes it and how do I treat it? Also is it contagious people? Other animals? Dogs? Pig? Lastly I'm on day 17 of incubation from eggs taken from these guys. Will the chicks be born with it? If so what do I do? The incubator is in my house and I had planned on keeping the brooder inside as well because it's still freezing occasionally at night. Am I running a risk of contaminating my house? Any info is helpful. Thanks![​IMG]








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    It's possible it could be Favus, Fowl Pox, Mites/Lice, Pecking and Feather Mites.
    What treatment(s) have you tried so far?
    Have you checked to make sure there are not parasites, stick tight fleas can make similar looking pattern as well.
    If you think it is Favus, apply some some vaseline to affected areas, it will take a while to go away. Fowl pox you can treat the scabs with iodine, that will help them dry up and heal.
    Fleas/Mites/Lice you will need to clean out your coop (nesting boxes too), treat all the chickens and the coop as well.

    Treatment options and more information are in the links below.

    Fowl Pox:

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    Based on the photos, I feel like you've got some rooster fighting and pecking going on.

    How much space do they have and can they "get away from each other" if necessary?

    Favus can be treated with Lotrimin foot cream. :)

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