Help finding pics of hardware cloth burial or skirting


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Aug 21, 2011
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I know I saw a post that had a few links to a page on this site that had pics of hardware cloth being buried or skirted and now I can't find it anywhere. My husband wanted to take a look before we begin. Guess I not very good at explaining it to him. Anyone have pictures or links handy?
I used hardware cloth about 12" out on all sides, but I buried it in a couple inches of sand/barkchips, then put pavers over so the chickens don't damage their feet digging it up.
I guess this is the best picture I have of it. The run has a wood floor, so I didn't need it for that, just the coop part.
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I purchased 4ft high hardware cloth. (100ft)
Screwed in with very long screws and 1 1/2" fender washers, every 6 inches.
I have a 2ft skirt of hardware cloth around the entire shed & run.
It is a continuous piece from the top of the run down into the ground.
(this view is two 4ft pieces for a total of 8ft, which is how long my base beam is - so I didn't have to cut; just used full pieces.
Didn't do too much digging at all - laid it flat and put stone/boulders/mulch on top.


This is the back, before I finished the rock edge:
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Same as the previous poster, self-drilling screws and washers. The self drilling screws are the bomb!
I've done it 2 ways.

FIRST PEN I used a hardware cloth L-shaped apron that came up the sides 2 feet and out along the ground 2 feet. It's now staked in along the ground and attached to the pen w/ wire.


SECOND PEN I used heavy woven wire fencing along the ground, staked in. Just did this. I will be adding hardware cloth 2 feet up the sides of the pen as well.

We used 1/4" hardware cloth for the construction of our run. We also ran 2' high boards all around the bottom which we have 1/2" hardware cloth edges stapled behind to hold our skirting in place. It comes out about 22" to keep predators from digging under. We will eventually put rock over surrounding hardware cloth. I used landscape staples to hold the 1/2" cloth down. We're just finishing the final touches to it now. The 1/4" hardware cloth was attached to the frame by staple gun with poultry staples tacked in for additional support. We will be adding corrugated roof panels later. Here is a picture- please excuse the black hole I put over people working on it as well as the mess since it was still under construction. But anyway, hope this helps

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