HELP from Cochin people really RED feet + bumble- HELP- **PICTURES**


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
I've had this Standard Cochin Roo for about 3 months. I bought him from the show breeder Star Cochin's. I do not show him. He is with my hens free ranging all day long.
My DD noticed today that the sides of his feet were red and gooey. When I looked at the bottom it looks like he has bumble foot on both feet.
I think I can handle the treatment of the BF. I've soaked removed calous and dressed the wounds. He is in the closet in the coop by himself. I can't figure out what is happening with his legs. The long beautiful feathers he had on his feet are almost gone and the base of the feathers are SO red. Help please.


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Looks like bumblefoot on the bottom of the one foot, but the redness near the shafts of the feathers look normal for this breed (to me, compared to others i've seen)...

Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in here.
Treat the BF.

The redness is an irritation from walking. When they walk it moves feathers back and forth. Side steps even push the feathers. If the redness worries you, then clip the feathers off at the skin. The more exercise they get the more it irritates. Good cochins, starcochins are great cochins, get this even more because of the heavy foot feathers. Those that cage their show birds don't normally have this problem.

My Black Roo is freeranging for the summer, so his feet are the same. His name is "Jerry", named for the folks I got him from. Bet you can guess where he came from. They are very nice people. They picked out one of their best to help me replace the Roo I lost summer before last.

Oh, forgot to add: roosters have a tendency to get this worse then hens. They seem to irritate the feathers alot when getting off a hen or falling off when the hen gets tired of him being on. Also the side dance they do does a number on the foot feathers.

If you clip them off, a little vaseline may help sooth the irritation.

My roost even has a rash around the sides of his vent and under side. This is from mating, actually OVER mating. I call it rooster rash. He has 8 hens of his own and now has access to the laying flock of 20+. The running is keeping his weight down to a very healthy weight. When it gets hot cochins have a tendency to lay around and that makes them FAT. The fat is not good and can lead to heart problems in the oversized fluff balls.

My cochin roosters, both of them, have it too. I wash the legs every once in awhile with noxzema cleanser, then apply bag balm. Have also started trimming feathers. It looks bad, but mine don't see too bothered by it. I was really worried the first time I saw it though! My roo also has a vent rash from his horniness.
It just looks bad. I have never seen a rooster pick at it or take notice of it. If I didn't keep such close watch on them for mites and other critters, I would have never known about the irritation.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was mites or something. It took a couple weeks for me to figure it out.

Thanks ya'll for the info. I wonder is there any fear of cutting a blood feather if I trim his foot feathering?

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