Help! Gasoline smell in future coop

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    I got a really nice Rubbermaid 4'x8' shed for a steal ($100!) and intended to use it to enlarge my current chicken coop. The previous owners must have stored their mower or something inside because it has a faint gasoline smell when you open it. It has been powerwashed and looks like new except for that. The pieces fit together, but there are some tiny gaps between the slots at the corners.

    I think with some windows and vents it would be a dandy coop. Hubs said it would not be hard to alter. My neighbor has some old windows he is going to give me for it. At present, we don't have any chickens in there so we have not made any alterations to it. I have two metal trashcans that have their feed and scratch in it now, and a big rubbermaid bin with a bale of pineshavings with plenty of room to spare.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about getting this odor out of it? Is there something that can be used on that hard plastic flooring?

    I was thinking about putting some washing soda on the floor and putting corrugated cardboard on top of that for the rest of the winter to see if that would pull that smell out by spring. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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    You could try some charcoal. It is supposed to absorb odors... Good luck!
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    Don't those break down pretty easy? I think I would try taking it apart and washing the pieces separately then leaving them in the sun to dry for a day or two. When you put it back together, the smell should be gone.

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