HELP Gave my chickens one Bluegill w/ o head...<Baby Girl I believed ran with after finding the "fi


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
I raised her from 3 /19 till today. she was 6 months old several days ago..... SHE is my Baby Girl........She swalled it couple hours ago.. I should have been more careful and removed that part first.
She is usually bossy and chattering. She standing in run and is quiet and closes her eyes a lor.....
How can I help her.??????
The local vet down the road has left for the day,,,,, HELP
the rest of my chicken are old or two young she is IT...
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she seems okay the next morning. butbshengets in nestbox. and no for over a week. maybe its her diet plus her being such an young layer.. thanks

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