HELP!!!! goat had kid! I didn't know she was pregnant!!


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May 17, 2012
I went to feed the goats today and there was a newborn kid in with the goats!!! I just got two nigerian dwarf goats a month ago I was told they were 5mo old!! I was not prepared for this!!! HELP!! What do I do???? Its cold here in MN, I didn't let them outside I left them in the goat shed with a bunch of hay for bedding.
just make sure the mommy is licking and feeding the goat and that the goat is up by 30 mins

thats the criticle time in a goats life

i will try find some references for you
just make sure the mommy is licking and feeding the goat and that the goat is up by 30 mins

thats the criticle time in a goats life

i will try find some references for you
Thank you! Its up and woobling/walking around the mom is kind of licking it. I just read they can have more then one!
Factors Which Affect Survival

There are a number of factors which affect the survival of the kid right after birth. Your goal should be to keep mortality very low, to less than 5%. The most important factors are birth weight of the kids, body condition score of the doe and colostrum accumulations in the doe. The primary causes of death in newborns are scours and pneumonia.

Birth Weight
How much the baby weighs at birth is a major factor to survival. You

Kid Behaviour And Vigour

The kid should show a lot of vigour shortly after birth. This means that the kid is walking and has found its mother to suckle, within half an hour or so. This is important due to the colostrum. This is the doe’s first milk and it is full of antibodies. These antibodies will give the kid immunity for the first weeks of life.

Body Condition Score

The body condition score of the doe is very important. This is a measurement that measures the amount of fat that is on the goat. This is measured both visually and through touch. You need to put your hands on the goat around their ribs and along their spine, to see how much fat there is. The score is from 1 to 5 usually although sometimes a range from 1 to 10 is used. 1 is emaciated and 5 or 10 is obese. You want your goat around 3.

Parity And Colostrum

The parity is how many births the doe has had in the past. In other words, is the birth the doe’s first? The parity that has the lowest mortality associated with it is the second, or third. This also results in the highest level of milk production. Colostrum production and ingestion are extremely important, because this is what gives the kid passive immunity for the first weeks of life.

Maternal Behaviour

Maternal behaviour is an important factor as well. The doe should help the kid stand and urge it to drink. If the doe shows interest in the kid and licks it clean after birth, this stimulates the kid’s breathing, as well as vigour. Environmental Factors The two most important environmental factors are the kidding system and the weather. Do your does kid inside a building,
temperature. If it is very stormy or cold, the mortality rate will go up. Management factors such as nutrition during pregnancy, ease of birth, crowding conditions and sanitation all play their part in kid mortality.


Common Problems That Can Affect The Neonate

There are a number of health problems that can affect the neonate, including hypothermia, starvation, diarrhoea or scours, pneumonia, and floppy kid syndrome.


Neonates are unable to regulate their body temperature during the first 36 hours of life. The normal body temperature for a goat kid is 102º
Keep a close watch on this process, especially if a heating pad or heating lamp is used, because both items can cause severe burns if misused. Always follow recommended instructions and keep out of reach of the animals and take care not to "toast" the newborns. The baby will need to be tube fed colostrum as well.


Another big cause of death in kids is starvation. Starvation can be caused by inadequate colostrum or milk production, dam rejection, mastitis, teats are too large or hang too close to the ground, joint injury or illness, Sore Mouth, a difficult birth, small and weak baby, or the baby simply can't compete with siblings. You should always try to find out the cause of the starvation. Symptoms of starvation include lethargy, head hanging down, weakness, empty stomach and hypothermia. Treatment consists of an injection of glucose, tube feeding colostrum, feeding milk replacer and artificially rearing the baby.

Neonatal Scours

Scours is another term for diarrhoea. There are many illnesses, health problems and microorganisms that can cause diarrhoea. Causes can be environmental, bacterial or viral.
Environmental causes include unsanitary conditions, unclean water and the presence of infected faeces.
Escherichia coli are the bacteria which most commonly cause scours. The disease is commonly known as Watery Mouth). Salmonella sp., Cryptosporidium sp.,
Giardia sp. and Clostridium perfringens type C are bacteria species that can cause diarrhoea. It can also be caused by the Rotavirus.
The kid with scours is gaunt, depressed and dehydrated. The biggest problem with scours is dehydration, this is what causes death. The easiest symptom to see is that the animal’s backside and rear legs can be covered in faecal matter.
Treatment of the diarrhoea consists of oral electrolytes and antibiotics such as Spectinomycin for example.
To prevent scours, make sure the kid gets enough colostrum, keep the living area clean and administer CD-T vaccinations at appropriate times, which is around 10 to 12 weeks of age.

Bacterial Pneumonia

Another of the leading causes of death in a neonate is pneumonia. There are actually a few types of pneumonia. For neonates, the most important type is Bacterial Pneumonia.
The main bacteria that can cause pneumonia is Pasteurella hemolytica. Pneumonia can also be caused by the Parainfluenza virus-3. The Parainfluenza tends to make them more susceptible to Pasteurella.
The main symptoms of bacterial pneumonia are an elevated body temperature and laboured breathing. Depression and droopy ears are other symptoms.
Bacterial pneumonia is treated with injectable antibiotics. There is a choice of antibiotics available. You can use LA-200, Naxel/ Excenel or Nuflor. Do not use Micotil on goats, even though it is used on sheep.
Bacterial pneumonia is prevented with proper ventilation, making sure the kid gets enough colostrum and vaccinating dams.
McCullough, Felicity (2012-09-22). How To Care For Your Newborn Goat Kids A Simple Guide (Goat Knowledge) (Kindle Locations 222-223). My Lap Shop Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Floppy Kid Syndrome

Floppy Kid Syndrome is a disease process that results in a metabolic acidosis. The exact cause of Floppy Kid Syndrome is unknown. There are elevated D-lactate levels associated with the disease.
Kids are usually born normal and then symptoms develop at three to ten days of age. Symptoms include weakness, laying on their sides, no muscle tone and loss of nursing reflex.
Early detection is vital to survival. Correct acid and base status of teh kid by administering 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of oral bicarbonate, or baking soda in a glass of water a little at a time. Administer the baking soda solution two or tjree times over the next 3 to 6 hours. Also administer Electrolytes.
Eventualy the kid will pass hard poop, which will become diarrhora. This si a good sign meaning that the intestines are working.
A broad spectrum antibiotic should be administered to avoid secondary infections.
I just checked on it, it is nursing, its a doe and weighs 2.5lbs. I cut a tube sock and put it on her to help keep her warm.
If you have a heat lamp for the birds you should put one out in the goat shed. It sounds as though momma has taken the kid and is feeding it. Just make sure it keeps warm and you should be fine. Give momma a extra scoop of grain for a reward too!
I wouldn't use a heat lamp.
Once they are dry, it can cause more problems than it helps.

Just keep them confined, with LOTS of straw to bed in, and they will be OK
So far all are well and the other goat I got from the same farm had a kid this afternoon, so now I have 2 doelings!! Everytime I open the door to the goat shed I find a kid! I am not opening the door anymore

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