HELP!! Gosling born with curled feet

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    Apr 25, 2019
    our American buff hatched 3 beautiful goslings today and we noticed one has curled feet he’s scooting around with the front of his feet/ankles. I started on poly vi sol . What can I do to help this baby? Please help!!
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  2. Well, a "shoe" should fix your little one up in just a few days. It's pretty easy to make one for chicks and keets and such, so it shouldn't be that much more difficult with a gosling, except it may need replaced more often, due to how messy waterfowl are. I can give you a pair of links to read over, which explain how to deal with foot and leg problems in our little featherbabies.

    This one is talking about peachicks, but the process is the same:

    This one you have to scroll way down past the spraddle/splayed leg treatment, but it does get to the crooked toes issue below that:

    Good luck to you and the little one!

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    Give it 24 hours to find its feet. Generally they get better.
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    B complex vitamins (1/4 tablet crushed onto food) or chick vitamins that contain riboflavin (vitamin B 2) on the label may help. Curled under toes may be treated with a shoe, or tape on the bottom and top of the foot with the toes in the right position. If they haven’t improved in a day or so, I would try the show. If treated too late, the toes can be permanently curled.

    upload_2019-4-26_8-38-21.jpeg upload_2019-4-26_8-39-14.jpeg
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    Apr 25, 2019
    317EA99F-AEFB-42F1-B3E9-1C6C12B3391E.jpeg E96FA2E0-ED13-4EFE-A53B-2A5E39F2D095.jpeg I gave B complex and some niacin I’m hoping a praying he/she get better.. I put back with Freya (momma) hoping baby gets better.. thanks for the help.. here is a picture of the cuties legs.. if you have any more advise is really appreciate it... thank you
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  6. Let us know whether she "finds her feet" and starts walking normally on her own in the next day or two, or not. You may need to try a different "shoe" for her than what you have done.

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