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11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Hi, I'm a chicken noobie, just need to know something.

We have brahma chickens, a little over a month old. They are in a run that is covered, and a coop that's not finished. Rain is starting to fall and they are likely going to get a little wet if the rain blows sideways. They are fully feathered, near as I can tell, so if the temp doesn't drop below, say 60-65F will they generally be ok? They have a couple of places to 'roost' about 6 inches off the ground, but they don't always use it. I know to keep their food dry, but will they die overnight, I'm getting conflicting information. Any insight would be fantastic. Thanks

If the temperature will pretty much always stay above 60F, I don't see any problems.

(p.s. I'm not an expert, I just play one on TV.
If they get wet and the wind is blowing their temp will drop and they will die. It happened to me with month old chicks.

I was able to revive 3 of the 5.
Thanks for your input, everyone!

quick update, I brought them inside the sun room, a non-air conditioned room until this morning. I sprinkled white pine shavings in their run to soak up the excess water, which wasn't much. I cleaned and dried their feed container and water container in case of bacteria setting in overnight in the dampness, and put them back out this morning, with clean food/grit and water...they were happy! I will use the tarp on the side suggesstion until I can get the rest of the lumber for their actual coop this weekend. Thanks again!
You could always put them in a box at night and keep them in the garage... that's what I did.

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