Help guinea dies graphic photo


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6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
She was fine all day then my husband came home from work and said one of the guineas was having a problem breathing. I went out and picked her up and she died in my arms.
She had no injuries that I could see until I turned her over and she add a bulge from her bottom.

Here is the photo she was born June 8 th this year. This is my first year raising chickens and guineas. Not sure I'm ready to have them die so young
I'm not sure new to raising birds. My husband buried it already. I was so upset. This is the bottom area this all that I saw
Its she young to have this I had read that they do not start laying until they are a year old.
I am not sure about guineas, that is just what it looks like to me. I wonder if you will get more responses if you post this in the guinea thread?! I wish someone that knows more would answer you.

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