HELP! Had to recusitate (sp?) young rooster 3 times today!


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My 9 week old BO Rooster Lucky stopped breathing 3 times today and have done is 3-4 times before. He suddenly stops breathing and gasps for air. Today he actually was dead and I somehow revived him, then watched and waited to see if his comb would turn colors again and when it did i picked him up, held his head down and massaged his neck because I thought he was choking. My 16 year old daughter Mary has now pointed out that her ISA Fluffy had opened her mouth and started gasping but she didn't change colors, and really didn't seem to be doing so bad because it just looked like she was REALLY full and kind of adjusting it while she stretched her neck.. We have been outside every time that Lucky has changed colors and had problems. Frankly, it's scaring the hell out me me and my children. Any ideas on what this could be? The rest of my flock seems to be in great health. I really need help because we love our chickens very much and I'm terrified that I'm going to have to bury my baby Lucky.
could you take him to a vet or call and ask advice? Maybe IF he has gapeworms, he has more than the other chickens , or is more sensitive to their effect. Maybe he has heart trouble.
i have called, no vets in our area will touch a chicken. even if they would i wouldn't have the money. got no advice either
I don't think gape worm is the issue, that would be more of a chronic problem that could would cause breathing troubles. But I don't think you would get the sudden changes you are seeing.

Sounds much more like a heart issue as posted above.

To check for gape worms, swab the throat with a Q-tip you should see "Y" shaped small red worms if gape is the issue.

There may be little you can do to cure the problem, a babby asprin in the water, keeping food limited and protection from heat might be some value in prevention though.

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