Help! Half bald, gender-confused Silkie!

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    Hey guys! I need your opinion on something. I have a little Silkie hen named Stumpy (she is missing half a toe) and she is having social issues. She believes that she is a rooster or a very tough little hen and finds it necessary to fight with all the other hens. She has even taken on a few roosters. Well, she is not as tough as she thinks and always comes out the loser. She currently has nearly no feathers on her back. It is to the point where I can see all her skin, so there is not even any down feather covering. I live in MN, and it is cold here. One day I went outside and found her barely moving, so I brought her in the house. She has been in here for about two weeks now. She is clearly unhappy being away from the other chickens, but when I put her outside she fights and loses.

    Do you think that I should keep her inside? I'm planning on putting her back out once she grows back the feathers on her back, or once the weather warms up, whichever is faster. Right now she is in a small dog crate, and I let her out once a day to run around. She is pretty active and spunky.

    I want to post pics, but I don't know how. She actually looks really funny. She only has one scraggly tail feather, and it sticks straight out. Lol.
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    How many birds is she with?

    It's said that if you take a bird out of the flock and seperate it for a week or two they will loose their place in the pecking order, thus being "demoted" to the bottom position once again. If she is still aggressive after you try this, it may be necessary to just keep her seperated.

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