Help! Hatching turkeys dying!

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    May 18, 2016
    I have hatching heritage turkeys that pip, zip and die. I'm afraid to help them out cause the one that I did help is having a really hard time walking (hatched 2 days ago). I had to help that one cause the stuff in the shell had dried thick to her back and she was super stuck. I'm now afraid I caused her walking issues. The other hatching turkeys, I could see their beaks, their feathers, them breathing and moving. I I assisted with one, just removing small bits of shell and not the membrane. And the other one I left. I watched till 10:30 last night and had to go to bed. By 5:30 this morning, both hadn't progressed with hatching and we're dead. I'm kind of stressing out cause these are the 6th and 7th turkeys to do this in this batch. The incubator is at 100-101 degrees at 79% humidity. Please help!!
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    That temperature and humidity sounds a bit high, but I am not a pro with hatching. I would post on the hatching and incubation thread or on the turkey thread for more advice. Just go up to Forum and drop down to chickens and go right for hatching, and drop down to turkeys for the turkey forum.
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