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    i just recieved 5 4 month old rir. i already have 7 that just started laying. my problem is they are fighting a lot. its hard for me keep them apart for long periods of time. my older girls i can leave free ranging while the new girls stay in the run. will the fighting slow down or what else can i do. i got the new girls as a gift so i didnt have time to build seperate area for them help help
  2. Separation is important to avoid disease as well as to stabilize the pecking order. But since this is not possible for more than part of the day, consider putting barriers in your coop to keep the agressers and victim out of eye contact (bales of hay, straw). Put feed/water in several locations so all can eat adequately. Even my uniformly raised golden comets, who are laying, are more competitive now so the pecking order can settle.
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    When you have birds that you purchased or raised yourself, many times when you move them from their previous home they will set up a new pecking order. The lead hen being boss and the others till you have the lowest.

    Watch out for the one that is lowest so she isn't killed, but generally if there is room to run away they end up ok. If your pen/coop area is on the small size try increasing it some to ease the over crowding and add escape room for the lowest chicken. It will increase her survivability.

    Hope that helps.

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    I agree with the other posts. They are most likely establishing their pecking order. I would separate them for awhile then try putting them together. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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