HELP hen dying?


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Apr 18, 2013
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This morning I went to feed my flock and found one of them just laying on the ground, I thought she was dead then noticed she was barely breathing. Blood coming from her vent and some "stuff" hanging out! She was totally fine last night. I separated her from the other birds. I also have one BR rooster, could he have attacked her?
I am new to raising chickens and I really don't know what to do! Should I put her down, she really looks like she is suffering.
Any thoughts would be helpful!
Thank you so much.
Sounds like a prolapse. They are difficult to heal. You can try some Preparation H or honey and pushing the tissue back in. Then let her rest in a darkened room for a day or two. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Putting her down is a reasonalbe alternative.
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Hello all, sad news, just after writing my post I went to check on her and she had passed :( I just wish I knew what happened. She was perfect last night. Could my rooster have attacked her? I found her outside the coop and there is some blood on the wall beside her like there might have been a struggle! When I found her like that she did not move at all, just laid there (i thought she was dead) when I looked her over she started to convolse I think I put her into shock. 20 minutes later she was gone.
Please any info will be appreciated.
Chickens will attack anything red or bloody and peck at it. She may have had a vent prolapse like Flockwatcher said, which sometimes happens when they strain to lay an egg, and the inside cloaca comes out. It looks red, the chickens may peck it, and they can actually kill another chicken eventually. She also just may have been pecked back there for whatever reason. You should be able to see if the vent was prolapsed. Sorry for your loss. Here is a picture:

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