Help, hen with bloody egg and runny poop

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  1. FreakinSweet08

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    May 22, 2016
    I have a hen that is a new layer, been laying eggs daily for about two weeks. Two days ago I found drops of blood in the coop, and a bloody but undamaged egg in the nest box. My hen had blood and runny feces around her vent. I cleaned the vent and gave the hen a 10 minute soak in warm water. I then provided additional calcium. The hen still moves around, but does not eat and drink as much as usual. There have not been any more eggs since the bloody one. I have not seen any more blood, but there continues to be runny feces around the vent. Today I gave the hen another warm bath and found a crusty buildup just inside the vent, stuck to the inside. I cleaned and broke up what I could. Not sure if the hen is egg bound, or if something else is going on. Please help!

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