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    Jan 11, 2015
    So I raised two pekin ducks from the first hour out of the egg and just recently I got a drake and already I have 7 fertile eggs. I have made a home incubator out of a cooler and heat lamp but can anyone teach me exactly how to make one step by step with a heat lamp? I need exact measurements of heat lamp height and how the cooler should be set up, how to humidify the eggs etc.... I believe the bulb is 35 watts and I know the temperature has to be 37.5 degrees celcius for proper development but I want to make the best homemade incubator possible... can someone help me through the process of humidity and setup of the incubator up until they hatch? We can get connected via mobile or other ways for fast contact please I really need help I dont want any to spoil and pass away I have serious anxiety and I just need this too work

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