Help how much ventilation during lockdown?


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7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Dunlap, TN
I have a LG still air, 11 eggs, humidity at 65%, temp at 100.6. Have seen wobbles and heard chirps all morning, the last hour nothing. Do I need to take out one or both vent plugs. I am worried about losing my babies. Help.
I take out one vent plug but then cover half of hole with a piece of tape, they rest alot while hatching so don't worry about not hearing them etc. DON"T open the bator leave it alone. Sounds like everything is going fine.
You need to remove both plugs. Without fresh air you may poison them. I have done it. Actually, you shouldn't have the plugs in at all. But it is most important during lock down. Good luck.

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