HELP>>> How to introduce Guineas and chickens together without all the drama.


8 Years
Jan 16, 2012
I just moved into a house and the homeowner has two chickens and one Guinea. She didn't want them so I decided to keep them. I found out that the homeowner built a coop and the chickens didn't want to live in it. So they decided to sleep in the tree above the coop. They are Semi-wild because they go where-ever-when-ever they want and still get fed out of a feeder. I have 10 chickens, we moved them three days ago. The coop is a wood frame and see-through metal mesh. So the chickens and Guinea are able to still socialize with each other. We believe that the Guinea is a male so he is a little overprotective over the other two chickens. I let them out today to socialize about 10 minutes ago and the chickens and Guinea were very territorial, so they attacked each other. I hate chicken fighting. I need to introduce my chickens ASAP so they can go and be chickens and eat green grass. Thanks for your help.

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