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    Jun 26, 2008
    OK, about 4 weeks ago I got a 12 wk old baby sizzle boy. He was out in the house with the big chickens about one week later. After a couple of days of mild bullying, everything was fine. Noone noticed him and when I passed out treats, he was right in the middle of it all.

    Now today, it is pretty cold about 25 degrees. Thy have full access to their house at all times. I just went out to check on everyone and he was sitting in the middle of the outside pen not moving. I walked in the door and when everyone else came running, they knocked him over and he just kind of rolled. I immediately picked him up and brought him in the house, thinking he was cold.

    When I got in here, I noticed a circle about 2" round where his feathers had been picked off his lower back and his comb is a little bloody. His eyes are shut, but he is making little peeping noises every now and then and kicks his feet when I pick him up.

    Right now, he is in a towel "nest" in front of the woodstove.

    Any ideas? Is he freezing or traumatized from being picked on? What do I do now? I plan to keep him inside for the time being, but what can I do for him?

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    Well, I would make sure he stays warm & give him eye droppers of warm terramycin water so his wounds don't get infected. Also after you clean the wounds put some neosporin on the wounds. I would then make a small amt. of warm oatmeal & put it on his beak to keep him nourished.

    This is how I doctored my roo when he was attacked by a hawk & left for dead. I don't think he will be able to go back with the others until he is completely healed or they will peck him more. They might not ever let him back, you'd have to monitor that when the time comes. My roo is back & tolerated & doing fine.

    Good luck! [​IMG]

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