In the Brooder
Jul 13, 2021
Hello everyone,

Today we heard cheeping under our hen (who had been sitting on eggs for some time) we lifted her up to find one dead chick (very sad :( and upsetting) but another that was just popping out of its shell. We watched it come out and it was falling everywhere over the other eggs so I picked it up (very very gently) and held it for a bit maybe 5 minutes. My dad then told me that I was not supposed to touch the chick while it was wet so I put it back with mother hen. I am extremely worried that it will die or something because i picked it up. The weather is pretty hot right now and the room the hen was in was very hot and humid but I am still worried. About half an hour later I went back to the hen to see if I could hear cheeping under her and I could. Do you guys think I made a fatal error? This was the first time I ever saw a chick hatch and I am so so so worried :(

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