Help I found one guinea fowl dead in coop and other was almost dead!!!!!!!!!.

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    Please I need some guidance here! I took barely alive guinea male and held him in the sun and started rubbing his chest sort of stimulating his heart I hoped. I guess it is working somewhat after two hours of my husband taking turns with his chest and moving his legs he is finally getting circulation back and is taking deep breathes every ten seconds. He is no longer on his side but is now sort of upright and legs are under him. every so often he will wake and stumble, or shake his head. He is hearing us and turning head to respond to our voices. He is a pet so likes to be held. I have Save A Chick electrolytes mixed in with some mash for when he is hungry. He is making a few peeps and farting.
    We think the food was somehow moldy or it could have been the plant I gave them was poisonous! He's looking better and breathing some better but is falling over and his eyes are mostly closed. Help!
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    He is in shock.
    Keep him under heat until he begins to get better.

    Fluids as soon as he is able to drink, he will be dehydrated.
    sav-a-chick or pedialite would be good.

    Sorry, dont have any more help.
    I have had them get well,
    & have had them die....
    good luck.
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    Thank you, called the vet and they are all out on farm calls. It is going to be touch and go I think.

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