Help ID mystery chicks


6 Years
May 22, 2015
North of Phoenix
The feather-footed lady with the gold hackles might be a Black Copper Marans. She doesn't look floofy enough for a Cochin to me.

Our Silver-Laced Cochins have such long, full foot feathers that I occasionally step on them when they're crowding closely around my ankles as I work in the coop/run.
One of my midnight majesty marans (hoover's name for them) has the black copper marans neck coloring. They mostly have feathered feet. If her hatchery Meyer?? has this cross by another name, it's a black copper marans rooster/barred rock hen hybrid, might get some nice dark eggs!


In the Brooder
Oct 6, 2021
Yes, I was just thinking that. My original plan if there was a rooster was to keep a completely mixed barnyard flock and just let the breeds get completely muddled. But if there's a Marans rooster and a Marans hen, I could only hatch the darkest brown eggs, and although the feather coloring would be a mish mash the egg color should stay true.

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