Help ID these red sex link chicks


12 Years
Sep 27, 2007

Could anyone ID my two red sex link chickens? I think the two with more white on them are golden comets but what are the red birds with white specks? thank you.
They look like they are also a sexlink to me. With the sexlinks sometimes they are almost white or almost red or a mix of both.
Is it possible that they are all golden comets? My golden comets all have various color patterns of orange and white, some are more solid and others are more white. All of mine are pullets. I think the roosters are almost all white with just a touch of red/orange on the wings?
they were all red in at hatch. they came from cackle hatchery. I ordered the brown layer special.
My golden comet roos (old enough to crow - they're about 5 months old) are white with a tiny bit of red speckled here and there on their wings. The girls were all red with white like the middle two in the pic.


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