Help identify these bantams with feathered feet

Mar 17, 2018
Desert southwest, a farm in N.M.
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These are 3 weeks old now, I bought them from tractor supply which sells their bantams mixed of course! I'm not sure what they are. Now that they are 3.5 weeks old they are starting to look alot different then before.
Bantam cochins usually develop combs fast. Brahmas I think are slow maturing but, then I never knew anyone with bantams. How old are they?
They turned 3.5 weeks today, barely making a bit of a comb now, I will try to get a picture to post by tomorro.
Im worn out from so many chicks at once , I just picked up 2 dozen more because I had test ran my incubator and hatched one chick out, it was lonely so I went to buy it 2 friends, well, when I got there they had just got double the chicks they had ordered and were selling them for 75 cents! I regret not buying more actually because even the Hampshire pullets were that cheap and I only got 6 of them. out of the new chicks I got there's one silkie bantam, 3 old english game bantam, but that's all I can tell right off the bat. I wish tractor supply would at least give a list of what is in each shipment of mixed bantams. I guess I do have fun looking up what they could be and making guesses.
This pic is my hatched silver sebright, he's got a bit of curled toes going on and hates his bandaged feet.

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