Help identifying chick please!


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
We recently adopted a chick about 4 weeks old that had even attacked by a hawk and rescued. We are having trouble sexing the chick (since my flock will not tolerate roosters, so we are forced to get rid of every rooster that comes our way) sows were thinking the if we knew what breed the chick is, we can sex him/her/it. At the moment, I cannot upload a picture of him/her/it, or Oreo, as she has been named, but I can say that her neck and tail feathers are black and white, her wings are grayish, her back is white, and bet tummy is black. I am very aware that this is the worst description ever, but as soon as I can, I will upload some pics. In the meantime, can anyone think of any breeds of back and white chickens?
There's a whole forum section here for "What breed or gender is this?" The people who are the very best at identifying breed and gender tend to hang out there more than here, so you may get more responses there.

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