Help Identifying "Rare Chicken Bin" Chicks


6 Years
May 26, 2013
Washington State
So, I was at the feed store today and came home with these sweet chicks from the "rare breed" bin. I did some googling and couldn't figure it out, so I'm turning here. Can you help me identify the breeds? They are about a week old and were sexed as pullets.
The first chick is gray but with some yellow undertones. It's growing a single comb (it looks like) and has gray legs and feet.



The second little one is yellow and gray/black and also has gray legs and feet:



I can provide more photos if it'll help with identification! Thanks in advance! :)


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#1 Lavender Orp, mayhap? Their feet come in a few different shades, and the chick's coloration looks right.

No idea on the other two, though I'd guess #3 is barred.

The Lavender Orp is definitely possible for the first! Especially after looking up photos of others at the same age.
I should have clarified, there are only two chicks, so the first two photos are one and the last two are the other. :)
I'm thinking Lavender Orpington, and Silver Spangled Hamburg. :)


Thank you! The first one is super sweet and I can already pet her while she sits in my hand. The second is flighty, but I caught her and she roosted on my hand. Let's hope she's not quite as crazy as the other stories of Silver Spangled Hamburgs I've read about! :D

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