Help Identifying Trail Cam Picture


8 Years
Nov 23, 2011
Hopefully the image works otherwise just click link.
So, I have a trail cam and to the right ( you can't see it) there is a live trap baited with turkey and sardines. Wondering if whatever this was wanted the tasty sardines
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I thought it looked like one but I don't think it would be a Bob Cat, I live in upstate NY and I have never seen a Bob Cat around here. Maybe a stray domestic cat? I have already got one of those. (Which I took to the SPCA)
Oh, did not know that. I live outside Ithaca and have never even seen a Bob Cat track or body or ANYTHING Bob Cat related.
There are bobcats in your area. They are mighty elusive, mostly moving around at night. I've never seen one either and I spend a lot of time in the woods, but the trail cams are full of photos of them. They are like ghosts in the woods often times!
I just talked to someone who has seen one a few miles away so I spose, me not seeing anything isn't prove of anything. He better stay away from my chickens though, seeing him on the trail cam is as close as I want to see him around my chickens!
Definitely looks like bobcat to me. I'm not far from you and we have them right up on our back hill. There are several houses around, and I have seen them from my house. May seem big for a bobcat, but they are actually a pretty solid cat.

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