Help I'm freaking out and have no idea what to do!!! D:

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    My young rooster (approx. 4 months) just beat up his sister. All the feathers on her back are gone and she is bloody and scared. I have seperated them and she is in a large dog crate recovering. Is there anything else I can do to help her, or prevent infection? Is Neosporin okay? Anything is helpful I have never had an injury so I'm kind of freaking out.hmm

    PS the roo is taken care of his new owners came and picked him up early for me.big_smile
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    make sure all wounds are clean and apply the antibiotic cream. Make sure it is one with OUT painkiller. The painkiller in those types are toxic to birds.

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    I would use Blu Kote on her to help with the healing and to prevent flys from laying eggs on her.

    Chickens are tough birds and she should recover fine. Oh and don't get any of the spray on you as it has to wear off.

    Blu Kote can be gotten at most feed/farm stores.

    One more thing. when the area scabs over it will be the grossest, nastiest thing that you have ever seen. Do not be tempted to soak it off or use Hydrogen Peroxide on it. It is there as protection of new flesh coming in. As an initial cleaner Hydrogen Peroxide is ok if you don't have anything else but the prefered is to use Betadine soap . Then dry the wound very good and spray with Blu Kote.
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