HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the Boondocks & I have baby chickens (MORE)

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    And there is a HUGE storm right now. We already had the power dip once and the storm is getting worse every minute! What do I do to keep my chickens alive if we loose power????? How do I keep them warm??? They are about a week and a half old they are NH Red Hens and there is 5 of them.
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    Someone more experienced may give a better answer, but if you are about to lose your power...

    While you still have power, can you heat up a big pot of water, or if you have those microwaveable "heat wrap" things for sports injuries heat that up. Some way to "store" heat. Be prepared to snuggle your chickies!

    I'll try to think of more things, and hopefully someone else will suggest something, too. Don't panic, DRAFTS are scarier than "lack of heat" at that age, as long as they can pile onto each other and have some insulation I think they will be OK. You can sit with them on a towel in your lap - let your lap warm them.

    Good luck!

    Edited to add: Once you have the hot pot of water or microwaved heat thingie, be ready to put it in the bin/tub/whatever you have your chickies in. Make sure there is room for them to get up close to it and also to get away if it's too hot.
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    If your power goes out an you have a gas stove, you could try heating water and make "hot water bottles" to help keep them warm temporarily untill you get your electricity back. Just be sure to wrap the "bottles" in a towel and be very careful not to burn the lil ones! I've done this before with my snake, but I'm new to chicken keeping, although I assume this would work on similar principals?! Best of luck to you and the babies! [​IMG]
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    if you dont have hand warmers, then get ready to put them into your jacket sweater with you, your body heat will keep them warm, i had to do that with 4 day old chicks when i lost my power it worked.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    do you have gas stove to cook on?
    if so take and light the oven and put the chicks in a small box on a chair in front of the stove with a towel covering the box
    check on them every 30 minutes by not pulling the towel back very far to let out the heat
    they will be okay and when the lights come on it will be okay for them

    Every two hrs you will need to put a small dish of water in with them so they stay hydrated
  6. Baby_Chick

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    I do have a wood stove and we cook with propane. Oh and we also have a propane heater to heat the kitchen but it's kind of expensive to run.
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    Your body heat! Put a big jacket on and a towel in it and wala you have a brooder!
    If your not a heavy sleeper, sleep with them in a clearview container in your bed with a blanket on the other side of them.

    Necessity makes us creative. The only thing that is a constant heat source is YOU!!! And you don't need electricity or gas to keep warm.

    Good Luck with your "new" brooder.(YOU) [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope the storm passes soon. Be safe!!!
  8. Baby_Chick

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    Yeah, we didn't loose power again during the storm... The storm ended a little bit later that same night. I will have to remember these tips for the next time we have a storm... Thank you to all!

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