help? im very puzzled....


Allons-y, Alonso
10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
The wonderful countryside, UK
.. this morning there was my silkie sitting on some duck eggs and peacock eggs, i just went up there to check on them and hen and eggs where gone! i see fethers everywhere but no broken eggshell...

a similar thing happened a couple of weeks back, 5 of my hens disappeared - 2 silkies and 3 RIRS. 2 of my silkies disappeared as well
there was feathers all over

what could be taking them? how can i prevent this? and wouldn't there be some broken eggs? all 15 eggs went? no animal could surely take this many in one go..could they? well no animal in england at least

EDIT- there was also some feathers in the duck pen.. no missing ducks...just feathers?
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