Help! In California and afraid to order from hatcheries 1400 miles away.


Oct 27, 2021
Eastern NC
This is me, I have no clue about chicken diseases or how to recognize if I’m getting crappy chickens from crappy people. 😬
When I went to a breeder I looked at their general state. None were coughing, sneezing, had crusty eyes, etc. They were active and peeping away. They looked clean and feathers weren't damaged. Generally not sickly looking. The ones with feathered legs weren't dirty or caked with mud or poop. I saw some of her roosters walking around who looked healthy but not able to look around the farm due to biosecurity. And she had some reviews so that helped.
Some people are immoral and see animals as easy money but there are people who actually take care of their birds too.


Oct 18, 2021
High Desert, California

My Three Chicks

May 3, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Ohhh, Hilltop is only about an hour from me and I love that they feed organic. Thank you, thank you!
Terrific! I got a day-old Speckled Sussex, Olive Egger, and Mottled Java from them in April and I couldn't be happier. Not sure what you're looking for but they've got many different rare (and common) breeds available. The owner (Patrick) sometimes takes a bit to respond so don't be discouraged if you don't hear back immediately. And if you're picking up, I don't believe there are minimums. Plus you don't have to put the chicks through the stress of shipment. Good luck and all the best!


May 1, 2021
Southern California, Inland Empire
No need to mail order! I also live in Southern California and there are 2 great hatcheries.


Hilltop Farms has a huge variety and various ages. That's where my flock is from. Wonderful, healthy, happy birds.
I’ll put in a second recommendation for Patrick at

We got our four from them this last summer. Not cheap, but not bad either. Was $90 for (1) gold laced polish, (1) silver laced polish, (1) welsummer, (1) crested cream legbar. They were also 2/5 week olds. He has a vet that sexes the polish. And he’ll hold your order if you want- which is why mine are aged different. He was out of polish, and they don’t get sexed until 1-2 was old, so he held the welsummer & ccl so I could pick them up all at once.

Was the only place where I could get literally only one sexed of whatever type. He also will take back roosters if there’s a slip. And he’s excellent if you have any issues. We did lose one of the polish the first night, she never shut up, so something was wrong… but he replaced her no problem.

They are just outside of Corona, a few minutes off the 15.

The wellie and ccl are laying. The polish not yet.

If you need a quieter chicken, heed the threads abt welsummers. My welsummer is a loud mouth & she doesn’t sound like a chicken. She barks, hollers, moans, hisses & growls if there is ANYTHING not to her liking. Lol. Water not cold enough? She moans. Food bin not full enough, she barks. Someone looking at their eggs, she hollers. If the dogs look at her, she growls. She is ridiculously hilarious though. If she’s quiet, she’s up to no good. 🤷‍♀️

Good luck.


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