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Muscovy Duck

Nov 9, 2021
Hello new to forum so may need some help.
Someone started giving food to homeless people to feed ducks. Muscovy ducks. Bad idea i know. There were many dumped here and many have recently been, i’m guessing, poisoned. I was only able to save 2 juniors. I learned to tube feed them and gave them activated charcoal and baby formula and they survived. Returned to the outdoors.
i am now looking for help to find safe places for some, if not all, to go.
If anyone knows of safe places, please reach out to me. i don’t want to see anymore die. And no more born. Florida kills them so it’s hard to find safe places for them.
Thank you in advanced.


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Muscovy Duck

Nov 9, 2021
It breaks my heart to hear how evil people are with these ducks. Bless you for saving these 2. And any more that come your way.
This is the only place I know of
Yes, it’s hard to see them not make it when someone does harm to them and we don’t know who. I am blessed i work at a bird hospital 1 day a week and have access to medicine. I am now keeping a supply of activated charcoal, formula, syringes and metal tubes at my place in case of emergency. we have called Duck haven. they are not accepting any new comers. 😌😌😌. I will keep plugging away to find them help. I do appreciate any advise, suggestions, and ideas anyone on here has. I am desperate to help them as i can’t bare any more death. Someone has trapped and taken a lot of mothers away so many young struggle to eat and thrive as they were never taught to forage. I am at a loss with this.
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It's not hard to love an invasive species. They didn't fly over from South America they were most likely brought then people started keeping them and because they are good flyers they end up leaving and that begins the feral population. People need to take responsibility for these ducks when they have them which means clipping feathers to keep them from flying off and practicing birth control. That is exactly how I got started with these awesome ducks. People across the river from us just let them loose next thing you know they escape to the river because they are getting picked off by predators. The only place I know of in the USA that protects them as migratory is somewhere in Texas. They sure don't deserve to be treated the way they are. Sorry but this is really a sore spot for me.
@Muscovy Duck sounds like you are doing all you can to help these ducks. All living creatures matter. I have no problem with people using them for food as a way of controlling the population but I remember some years back in Ocala they came into a park and slaughtered hundreds of Muscovy and I don't believe one was given to help someone hungry. And rescues were wanting to take them and weren't allowed. This has been many years ago so my facts maybe off on some of this.

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Jul 3, 2020
Here's a good article about muscovy ducks and the legalities regarding them - where they are invasive and where they are natural. It is written by an animal control agency, but has great info regardless.
Unfortunately in FL they are invasive and can be "controlled".
I agree that people are the initial issue releasing domestic ducks to the wild. That their lack of responsibility plus the ease in which muscovies procreate is causing the invasive specie issue in FL (the saying like rabbits should probably could be replaced with "like muscovy").


Jan 31, 2020
I think your best bet is to just be very active in trying to find a good home for them on here, and on craigslist, facebook marketplace, petfinder, anything you can do. Maybe even try calling some local SPCAs I know the SPCA in Largo FL takes ducks sometimes. I am in South Florida but unfortunately I already have my neighborhood maximum of 4 rescued Muscovy ducks otherwise I would take them all. There is also a pet store in St. Petersburg called animal house pet center that sometimes helps people rehome their animals and they do sell ducklings so maybe you could have some luck there. I think your best bet is craigslist and maybe even just finding some local feed stores that will allow you to post an ad for them. I wish you the best of luck in finding great homes for all of them it's fantastic you rescued them!

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