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  1. When I went to clean and retreat her wounds today, it is apparent they are worse than I originally thought. She had a lot of feathers sticking to her open wounds. I tried to pull as much out of the wound as possible but what you see in the picture is the best I am able to do... she flinched every time I would get a new one. Now that the majority of the feathers are out of the way, I can see that she has a fairly big open wound... about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long running across her back.

    Yesterday I cleaned the wound with watered down peroxide and then applied neosporin. Today I cleaned with watered down iodine and then reapplied neosporin. I am no surgeon and am nervous about having to try and pull her skin back together. Is that necessary for it to heal? Or will it heal just as effectively with proper cleaning and ointments? Are the remaining few feathers that I am having trouble pulling out okay to stay? I obviously have NO experience other than skinned knees in the medical field!

    She is not eating or drinking. Today I gave her water with vitamins in it with a syringe. And she is in a heavy molt to top it all off!

    Yesterday's post if you would like more details.

  2. Can anyone offer advise/ help??
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    She looks like she's going to need stitches. If you're really attached to that hen, I'd look for a vet.
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    I would think infection would be the biggest danger she is facing. I would keep doing the hydrogen peroxide rinse and get her on a round of antibiotics if you can. I wouldn't try to close the wound as you will be sealing in infection. I do know that the body has the amazing ability to heal itself as long as she can fight infection... not much help. Sorry!
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    Looks like she is pretty open. You are doing the best you can but if you could get the nerve looks like she may need some stitching.
    Seems I remember jeaucamom posting a crop surgery so I would PM her and get some advice about it. I seriously recommend doing that. Good luck!!
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    My only concern with trying to stitch this is that it is in a very mobile area (it appears to be closely behind the wings). I would worry that it would rip further because of the motion and tension on it.

    I don't know how closely this relates to chickens, but we had a large superficial laceration on a cat's belly and we just kept it flushed with betadine and saline until it closed up on it's own.

    You should definitely consult a vet on this one!
  7. I really don't know if I will be able to stitch her. Would butterfly bandages help pull her skin together? I am trying my best to keep out infection by keeping her away from flies, keeping it clean and treated. With her weakened immune system, I am a little worried about giving her meds... should I not be?
  8. Quote:Unfortunately there are no avian vets in my area!... I've checked. I need to self treat if possible plus I don't think my DH will let me take a chicken to the vet (we just spent oodles of money treating two of our dogs who almost died of parvo).
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    I can't offer much help on wound care, threehorses is your best bet for that. In the meantime though you might try to tempt her with some scrambled eggs or other healthy treat to help keep her strength up. Good luck with her. [​IMG]

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