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  1. NicoleGreen

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    Jan 1, 2017
    I have been reading through everyone elses posts regarding dealing with an injured chicken. I have tried to clean the wounds and they are on the comb so it became necessary to just stop the bleeding. I think one of his nostrils was injured or has become blocked by blood, but each time I attempt to clean it is just bleeds more. I think I have the other nostril clear after rubbing with a q-tip that had warm water on it. I am not sure what to do because of the sensitivity of the area and not being able to fully assess the wounds due to bleeding. I am raising my chickens organically so I applied some flour as a nystop because I found that suggestion online. What do I do beyond seperating and just giving it time?[​IMG]

    This is my smallest and most aggressive rooster. I am guessing he got in a standoff with one of the two bigger ones. Please, how do I help him? And is the low moaning sound he makes pain?

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    Hmm...this is hard for me because I don't know what's considered organic or not, so I apologize if I make a suggestion that's not organic. :) For now I would make sure to keep him separated from the rest of the flock. I would wipe his comb often to get all the dried blood off of it and make it more comfortable for him. Try to get the blood out of his one nostril, it's way more comfortable to be able to breath out of two nostrils than just one. :) Is using Peroxide considered being organic? If it is, wipe some of that on his wounds on his comb. Please keep me updated! :D
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    Greetings from Kansas, NicoleGreen, and [​IMG]! Great to have you aboard! Wow! He looks roughed up. I'm also not sure what constitutes organic and what doesn't. But if it's just surface abrasions he may be okay...and learned a valuable lesson in the process. Make sure you keep him isolated until he's fully healed. Good luck to you and your roo!
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    I don't know what is organic or not. But Hydrogen peroxide will burn his wounded flesh as well as healthy tissue. If saline solution is okay with you, you could use that to gently cleanse the blood off.
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    Jan 1, 2017
    Thank you, I found hydrogen peroxide on other posts and I jad it on hand. Saline is just a pH'd water so I will pick some of that up.
  6. NicoleGreen

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    Jan 1, 2017
    He is a stubborn one, but I am hoping you are right. Our first chicken purchase this Spring my husband knew I wanted chickens so took his chances and purchase a mixed set of 6 Austrolorpes and a couple weeks later we got a straight run of 5 barred rocks and 5 isa browns. Considering they are 9 months and I tried to compensate for my ratios being way off (16 total, 13 hens and 3 roosters) this was the first fight that caused injury. Come spring we plan to balance it out with more pullet purchases. Until then I am hoping they just don't kill each other. They have a large run, coop, and indoor run so it hasnt been a major issue until yesterday.
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    Is the comb swollen?

    I would either use saline or warm soapy water to clean the wounds and blood off. (There are "recipes" for homemade saline online-so you may want to google that).

    Since you are organic, most likely the best thing to apply after you get the wound cleaned up well would be raw honey.

    Keep watch on the comb for any sign of infection - swelling, oozing, pus or odors.

    Make sure he is drinking well.

  8. NicoleGreen

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    Jan 1, 2017
    There isn't much I can find on what is permitted/ not on organic. I use my best judgement because I am not quite to the point of getting USDA certification. They get organic feed and treats. I used organic flour as a blood stop after finding that on a google search since I didn't have a blood clotting agent on hand. I know organic requirements for vegetables and was attempting to learn chickens, we can wash our equipment in alcohol and h2o2 as disinfectants. I had it on hand and just water wasn't working. I knew alcohol would burn as a dirinfectant so I tried hydrogen peroxide.
  9. centrarchid

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    I would do nothing beyond giving him some personal space and that is organic. Wound is minor and likely to leave little if any sign more than a week from now. As far as he is concerned, the more serious injuries in the form of bruising under the skin of his head and wings. Legs also likely to be sore. If you look at his body under the feathers you will also see a lot of small scratches and occasional puncture wounds from spurs of rival. He is going to be sore for a couple days. Keep him in clean water and hype up his diet a little with some dark greens.
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  10. Do you really need 3 roo's?

    seems like this is just the beginning of whats to come.

    Good luck

    Gary from Idyllwild Ca here

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