HELP: Irregular Comb (~7wk Dominique pullet)


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Jul 31, 2021
Southern NH
After more than a decade since we had chickens, having built a safe chicken house, we're thrilled to be starting another flock. We've gleaned so much information from this site and are so grateful. Unfortunately, we have a comb issue with our ~7 week old Dominique pullet that we've been unable to find an answer to by searching here and google.

We got our Dominique, as well as several other pullets, from a ranch south of us nearly a month ago. The Dominique was growing slower than the other chicks of different breeds, and was getting pecked at, so ~10 days ago we migrated her into the brooder with our younger chicks that we got via the mail (~2.5 weeks age difference). She gets along great with them, and them with her. Their floor is pine shavings and they're eating chick starter feed and drinking "quik chik", and everyone is thriving.

Everything would be fine, but the Dominique's comb doesn't seem to be developing normally. It's a rose comb, and we have a couple other (different breeds) whose rose combs are coming in beautifully. This pullet seems to have a single protrusion and it's red around the protrusion. She may be fine, but we wanted to post to make sure we're not ignoring something we shouldn't. Thanks in advance for any insights you're able to provide!
-Ariella in NH


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