Help ! Is mommy hen dying?? Pics inside

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    Hi- Im new and would really appreciate some advice. Ive had 4 pullets for almost 2 years now so Im a bit experienced.

    My RIR Tarragon hatched 2 chicks (Bantys- we got fertile eggs for her since she was broody for weeks) on 7/27. They are 3 weeks old today and doing great. She is a good mom. Feeds them first, keeps them warm all that good stuff. Its been a wonderful experience to watch. She is separate from the flock in a large area where they can all see each other all the time.

    HOWEVER- she has been looking worse and worse. She is thin, her feathers are falling out, her comb is pink instead of red and it is bleeding today (pecked by babies?). Her tail feathers are almost all gone and shes pretty much bald on her tummy. Is she molting? The other 3 hens arent. Shes eating and drinking and free ranging but she looks like hell. Is this normal while a hen raises her babies? She has crumbles (both laying and chick), 50 meal worms, some crickets lots of fruits and veggies and scratch every day at her disposal. I started putting vitamins in her water 3 days ago.
    I attached some pics- what our other hens look like ( she used to look like that) and her now.

    Do I need to take her to the vet? Put her back with the flock? Wean the chicks from her? I love my hens, I want her to be ok. I live in the Bay Area, California so the weather is nice and warm and sunny.

    Thank you for your help- and thanks for taking the time to read


    Healthy Hen [​IMG]

    Tarragon side View [​IMG]

    Tarragon Front View
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    Almost every broody I have had here, went in to moult right after brooding. I do believe this is what's going on with your girl. Check her over for bugs/mites/lice to make sure that's not a problem. They can get pretty infested while sitting as well. Dust her with a poultry dust and keep an eye on her. She should be fine though.
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    She's molting. Part of the normal cycle after brooding and raising chicks later in the year. She will feather out and start laying while your other hens are in their molt.

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