HELP! Is my sweet Agnes a roo??


10 Years
Aug 21, 2009
Little super sweet and friendly Agnes is seven and a half weeks old. She was out a week ago and I saw what I think might be ---saddle feathers??!? Could these actually be saddle feathers starting to show up at this early age?? They are rounded at the edge and so are her (
) hackle feathers. She is an Easter Egger so I know they are tough to tell.

Can you look at the pictures (hope they are good enough) and tell me what you think?? Or maybe what I should look for (I know a crow is a telltale sign but they sound like chicks still).

Her back:

Saddle feathers?

Side again--notice the swoop by the base of her tail:

Front view:
I am a complete newbie to sexing EE and am seeking advice on a post today for one of my own. vast experience here but to me she looks like a pullet..comb and round feathers...also her legs are not as thick as my EE roo`s did.
looks like a pullet to me...that comb is very small and narrow. I have never seen sickle saddle feathers on a bird that young...
So far it looks like a pullet to me. I have a EE chick that I suspect is a roo, has a redder comb at a younger age than your chick.

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