HELP: Is she Show Quality? (Muscovy Hen) **PICS**

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Sep 11, 2010.

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    I have this Muscovy hen, Ginger, That I am considering gifting to a 4H'er that has had a rough family life recently but has Really taken to the whole raising & showing ducks thing with 4H. His Leader came and bought some ducklings from me for him a while ago but I don't know if any will be SQ. I think that Ginger may be but I would like some opinions from those of you that have shown before & know better than i do! She has always been a "big girl" and when we first rescued her, she was about 7months old & i actually thought she may be a drake for quite a while. She has laid & brooded this year but has always had a loner personality.

    She is solid chocolate with the white wing patches. her caruncling is a little excessive(down her neck) though. She is raspy-looking right now but he won't be showing until next year. Opinions Please!!

    All the little white spots are where more Caruncles are.
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    She's beautiful but I don't have any experience with show quality or what they look for. Maybe someone else will chime in.
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    Judging by the standard Id say yes!!!

    Before you show though the wings need to be all the way in....
    Also she needs to have no more than 10% white, if she is more than 10% white in her plumage she will be subjected to disqualification!!! The wing bows is not included!!!
    Your hen has a really nice head on her!!! about the white feathers... right before the show pluckthe white ones out!!!

    This picture is NOT mine but I will use it as an example!

    The white seen in the wings on this bird is where the white is desired(wing bows and isnt included in the 10%)

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    Where you say her cronicles is a little exessive.... this is what you want the more the better!!! especially on the male you want cronicles to cover the the face and to extend down the neck!
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    4-H judging is quite a bit more lax than adults showing. They will judge from the standard and birds that don't fit into the standard will have their own category. Our fair has a pet class and there is a best and reserve for every class. Even a child showing a mixed breed bird can still a best in class bird! They also don't disqualify birds for 4-H. (at least ours doesn't). The judges just point out things that would be a mark down or disqualifier in big shows so that the kids can learn. Ginger looks very pretty and if he keeps her in good condition and care she could be a winner for him! Very sweet of you to be donating one of your birds for a 4-H'er.
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    Most of my adult birds have been going into molt or regrowing a lot of their missing feathers. Ginger is VERY due for a molt & regrow, she's looked kinda "choppy" since we got her last christmas. She came from a nasty local farm that was starving all their animals. I have noticed recently she has gotten REALLY dark so she should be coming up for her molt.

    I have been thinking of either donating/gifting Ginger or seperating her & breeding her to my Solid Chocolate drake, "Fatty" and then giving him the babies to raise. I am going to talk to the kids 4H leader & see which she thinks would be better. It would work out either way since he's not showing til next year.

    Thank you guys for the input on Ginger, I thought her coloring was right but i wasn't sure about everything else sicne I have actually never shown any of mine before, lol.
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    I think she looks like!

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