HELP! Is this Coccidiosis????

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  1. akhadley

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    Feb 17, 2014
    I just found these poops this morning! Is this Coccidiosis???? It isn't super "bloody" and I can't even really tell if it is blood but that's all I can think that it might be! I haven't fed them berries or anything reddish. There were these two "piles" then my Easter Egger perched on the edge of their cage and poo'ed on the ground. I dropped my phone into the poo and when I picked it up the new poo was red inside as well. Ugghhhh... :( :( :( :(

    I live on Guam and I don't know if they sell the regular meds for this sickness. We called the guy we got the chicks from and he told us to get something called Thermisis (or a similar name). The local feed store has it so my boyfriend went to get it. *sigh* I'm so sad... I read that they can start dying so fast when they get this...


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    It looks like shed intestinal lining to me, which is normal on occasion. If your birds are acting normal, dont worry about it.

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