Help is this normal? (pics)


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9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
I just got myself 3 chicks, i went an bought some feed I believe its start grow still but medicated (the guy says it helps them get brighter feathers)
anyways I noticed my biggest chick he/she has poo this three times today



he/she also did it once at night in there box they sleep in but it was more liquid, It looks like brown gravy and stinks,
My best guess on age is between 4-6 weeks old
and I live in Oklahoma so it's been in the 90's all week.
It's a little hard to see the pictures, but i don't think i would worry.

Here's a link to a bunch of poop pictures that's kind of a guide to what's normal and what isn't. See if any of those looks familiar.

I'm guessing that you're seeing either caecal poop or just runny poop because it's hot, and they're drinking a lot. If you see blood, that's another matter.
I think it is just the caecal. It is not foam it is coming from what I believe in my Roo, yet he is eating and drinking an chasing my hen and my unknown sex chicks around.

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