Help! Juvenile Female Muscovy possible throat obstruction


Jul 23, 2018
Sadly the approx 8mo old female Muscovy we adopted 3 weeks ago is in distress. We think she may have eaten something that she shouldn’t have and created a blockage, at least that’s what we’re hoping so that she hasn’t passed something on to our 2yr old female. We’ve caught her eating parts of our patio that she discovered is loose and I’d also pulled part of a shell out of her mouth and not sure what else she ate that I hadn’t caught and removed. We’d noticed over the last couple of weeks her voice changing and thought maybe she’d irritated her voice box with something she’d swallowed but up until today she’s been acting, eating and drinking fine. She’s also been laying eggs all 21 days since she’s been with us. Today we came home to find her lethargic, not interested in her food and when she drinks she drools and coughs. And she’s not walking. She’ll try but after a step or two will stumble and lay back down. I don’t know either if she’s done laying eggs. Is anyone familiar with these symptoms and have any suggestions as to how to help her? We’re fearing and preparing ourselves for the worst but are trying to remain hopeful.
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