Help! Leg just bruised or infected?

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    1)Light Brahma pullet 14 weeks old
    2) Alert and eating
    3) Wednesday
    4) Leg, bleeding and bruised, possibly infected
    5) Leg got caught on roost boards and she was stuck there for at least 12-36 hours.
    6) Drinking and eating just fine
    7) How does the poop look? Normal
    8) I have cleaned the wound and applied blue kote
    9 ) I hope to treat her myself,
    10) See pictures
    11) I have her in a dog cage inside a 8X8 coop with clean pine shaving.

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    My favorite Light Brahma pullet hurt her leg very badly. Of course this happens while I was away for work from 2 days. She got her foot caught between two boards on the roast and might have been there for a day or more. She could not even put any weight on her leg, this was Wednesday. I separated her, she drank and ate. Overall she is alert and seems to be doing well.
    Today she is able to stand and is limping around a little. She is still alert. I finally found my blue kote and recleaned the wound. Her leg is and some green hue to her leg skin. Is this just bruised or is it infected?
    Any additional tips?

    Here are some pics
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    Good Morning, It's hard to tell if the scabbed-like area is a scab or necrotic tissue. If it's necrotic (lost blood supply and died off) there is not a lot to do but wait and see
    if it will just scar over. If it's infected, you may need antibiotics. It's hard to tell, but I can't really see any redness, puss and swelling to indicate infection. I think you are doing everything you can so far. Good luck. Keep us up to date.[​IMG]
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    I would clean and use triple antibiotic cream with out pain killer to help with healing I would watch for red streaks coming away from the wound this would indicate infection I would keep the wound clean and dry not sure if you should bandage. Keep us posted.
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    I am an Animal Health Tech. Now I will say I've never treated a chicken before but any other mammal that would come in that had an "open" wound (one that doesn't require sutures) we would often recommend flushing the wound several times a day with just plain tepid water. The water would flush out any bacteria that could lead to an infection as well as stimulate new skin to form quicker than if let alone.

    I've seen dogs that have been attacked by coyotes missing chunks of skin that healed twice as fast using this method than if left alone.

    Good luck and don't be afraid to show the pictures to your vet for advice!
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    Oh, I should mention that just because we would recommend flushing, it doesn't mean the animal wasn't given antibiotics. Each and every case is unique.
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    Thanks for everyone input. I have her ouside today in the shade in a little fenced in area. It will be cooler than the coop and she we can try to walk around a little. She still is limping and doesn't take too many steps before laying back down. I dont see any red streaks but most of her leg is now purple from the blue kote. the swealing in her leg joint has gone down. She is still alert and eating.

    This is such bad timing. I leaving in a few days and it looks like she will have to stay in the dog pen inside the coop while I'm gone.
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    Came home from the trip and my pullet's leg is all healed over and she wanted out of that dog pen. She still has a slight limp but is doing great.
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    Yea! She is all better. Congrats
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] HOORAY!

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