help! leg mites on hen with new chicks

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    I think my hen has scaly leg mites. Ive dusted her a few times with diatomaceous earth which seemed to reduce her picking, but then she went broody. Now she has three chicks in the coop. What do I do? I don't know if she still has the problem because I hardly see her legs, but I don't want these mites to make her babies sick. Any ideas? The other hen in the coop has two scales sticking out. Not sure if that is normal or not?

    I don't want to use harsh chemicals if I don't have to. They are organically fed.
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    I have read in a poultry magazine to apply lots of vaseline to the legs several times a day , it suffocates the mites
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    Go to your local feed store and get some Nu-Stock. If they don't have it, ask them to order it. It has pine tar, sulfur and mineral oil in it and you will only need to treat her with it one time. I'd treat both hens and then place some on their roosts. It's gloopy and smells like Pine Sol cleaner but it is effective, safe and preventative if placed on the roosts. Mine cost $10.95 for a big tube of the stuff and it lasts a long time, can be used on other livestock/animals for skin diseases and parasite infestation and some of my family are currently using it to reduce their age spots...and it's working. [​IMG]
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    Vaseline or another product that will suffocate them is often recommended on here. I would definitely treat the other one with raised leg scales. Actually I'd probably treat everybody at least once. At least one person on here reported good success spraying their legs with Pam.
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    I'll try it! Do you know if it's safe for the chicks? I won't put it on them, of course, but they just hatched Saturday and Sunday..
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