HELP!! Little White Things on the Head and Neck of my Turken

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    Feb 2, 2011
    I have never had chickens before. I just moved into a house with a nice sized fenced in yard and I figure I would get some chickens to run around back there and I would have fresh organic eggs to eat. I have only hade my chickens for a few days. I have a male and female rhode island red, a baby silkie and a turken, which is a chicken turkey crossbreed.

    I noticed yesterday as I was puting the turken back in the coop that he had little white things all over his head and neck. The are very visible to the naked eye and about half a millimeter in size. Some most seemed stationary, but I did see a couple moving. Does anyone have any idea what these things are? Could they be some sort of lice, mite or flea? How would he have contracted these things? How do I get rid of them? Would the other bords have gotten them as well because they are kept in the same coop? If I have to treat all of the birds and is it okay to treat the baby silkie who is only a week and a bit old? The rest of the birds are pretty young too, not even old enough to produce eggs but they are almost at that age. I also have cats in the house, would they need to be treated as well? And what about myself, clothing and other household fabrics because I was holding him as I noticed the white things.

    If anyone is able to answer these questions it is much apprechiated. I am very worried about my little guys.

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    That's a link to a pest identification page. If you have an external parasite problem then every bird in the coop will need to be treated (with the pesticide of your choice) twice about a week apart. The coop will also need to be treated and thoroughly cleaned. The baby silkie can be treated with Adams Flea and Tick spray, which should be mild enough not to hurt it. The cats should be fine if they are not hanging out directly with the birds. Parasites of this nature are generally species specific, so they may travel on an alternate host briefly, but can't live off an alternate host. The worst that the cats and you could be doing is transporting the bugs and helping them to evade treatment. You should be thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming any area where the chickens have been inside your house. Pesticide usage is not necessary inside your house.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

    ETA- A turken is 100% chicken. No turkey in the mix.
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    Feb 2, 2011
    Thank you soooo much. I read that Sevin Dust is a good one to use.

    I did not know a Turken was a full breed chicken. Interesting. I figured it was part turkey. He sure looks like a small turkey lol.
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    [​IMG] No, not part turkey. ALOT of folks think that. Now you can educate others on the "half turkey" [​IMG]
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    Sevin dust is the quickest way to get rid of lice and mites.. I use a large salt shaker. Fill it with the sevin and dust them.

    Be careful not to get in the chicken's eyes. Just dust under each wing, the butt area and back area.

    The bugs will travel on chicken and once the come in contact with the sevin it will kill them. good luck!

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