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I am raising chicks for a science fair project and I have come home to a dead chick every day for the past week now. I started out with forty one chicks and thought that they could have a problem with pasty butt until I cleaned all of them and none have had pasty butt since. Then another one died, I added another heat lamp because I thought that it may have been trampled if the chicks got cold. The next day I went up to three heat lamps because yet another one died. Yesterday, I finally moved them into a heated shop and there is no way that they could be cold. I came in to feed them today and yet again, one was lying on the ground dead. They are always spread out when I find them but I don't know if that is important or not. They have been on medicated feed and were vaccinated for marek's. None of the chicks have ever seemed lethargic, so I do not know why or how they are dying. Please help!!! If I lose two more chicks my project will get cancelled. Thanks for any responces.
It would be helpful if you could put a thermometer under the light:

90-95 degrees the first week of life
decrease by 5 degrees per week until fully feathered at about 6 weeks.

They need to be able to get away from the heat.
It is normal to lose a few chicks, but one every day is a lot. Do you have enough feeders and waterers? For 40 chicks you should have at least two feeding stations and two waterers, IMO.

Some chicks might not be getting enough. Also do you have a draft guard around them so the air is still next to them?

Here are some helpful links:
Yes, they have chick grit and are kept in a room that is 5ft by 5ft with a draft guard and two heat lamps. Under the heat lamps it is definately 95 degrees. Most of the time, the chicks are roaming the rest of the room because it is warm under the lamps. They only go under the lamps at night.
Sorry, I forgot, they also have three feeders that are kept full at all times and are still full by the time I get home from school/work. Their water is also always full and holds five gallons.

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