Help! Loss of feathers on stomach- panicked!!


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this is my first flock and they were born between March 19 and April?? I noticed today that 5 out of the 8 hens have NO feathers on their stomachs!! Their skin is white not red and otherwise they seem fine. What's happening?!?!
They have been laying for about a month? I don't think it's a molt bc everything I've read mentions a molt starting around the head. This is specifically from the bottom of their vent downward in the direction of their head about the circumference of a large onion on some and a lemon on others. Their skin isn't red at all and only one one hen did it look a little bruised maybe and a few little scabs which makes me think feather picking??
Pull them off the roost at night, well after dark, and check for mites and lice.

Broody feather pulling usually starts towards the breast area.

Molting can start anywhere...since they are about 6 months old they may be partially molting, young birds molt 3-4 times before year of age.
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I have not seen any evidence of mites or lice. I have realized that hey are all losing feathers in the same area but some more noticeable that others. The skin is not inflamed at all and there are some pin feathers

Best picture I could get from one of the birds. On the left of the photo is part of back leg.
You might watch them a while and see if someone is plucking others. Also make sure their nutrition is up to par and perhaps take a stool sample to a vet to rule out worms.

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