Help! Lost a chick and now found bloody stool from the others

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    Apr 23, 2011
    We are new to raising chickens and need help. We decided on standard buff Cochins and silkies. We picked up 4 Cochins at the plagal farm and garden on Friday and the chicks seemed to be doing quite well. Eating and drinking and very cute. Yesterday we noticed pasting on a couple of rear ends so we cleaned them and put them back for the night. This morning I woke up to one dead babe and two with pasted ends again. We cleaned them and an hour later noticed to very smelly bloody looking stools. Are we doing something wrong? We received advice to feed them medicated chick starter and vitamins in their water and are doing that. Please help. We are raising them to be pets and don't want to lose them all or pass on an illness to the silkies that we are picking up.
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    May 23, 2010
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    They likely have coccidocis and need medication. Sometimes the stuff in their feed isn't enough. We had ours vaccinated and still lost 2. I went to the farm store and bought Corid- it's actually for cattle but you put 1 tsp. in 1 gallon of water and give it to the chicks. You can do a search about cocci and there is a lot of info on the topic here. Good luck!
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    Bloody stool is one symptom of Cocci. It's mean stuff to. It spreads

    like wild fire, so please seperate the well chicks, and look for any other

    sick looking babies. If they look lethargic, have loss in appetite, or anything

    abnormal, seperate them to their own quiet brooder. I would get some corid

    for them, like the above poster said.


    And by the way, [​IMG] and [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 23, 2011
    Thanks for the replies. Wow, that is nasty stuff! We lost 3 of the 4 birds that we had. We are separating the Silkies that came yesterday from the one Cochin that is left. I feel so bad for the little girl all alone now.

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