Help! Male or Female? Ameraucana and Barred Rock

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    Hello! I am brand new to the Backyard Chicken community and am a first time chicken mom! [​IMG] I purchased 6 chicks from a local feed and seed shop in town and was told that they were all females; however, my uncle believes 2 of them are males. Based on the photos that I am attaching, can you chicken experts give me your opinion? Are they male or female?

    Also, if these babies are in fact males, what should I do? Haha! That is a very broad question, but I am concerned about a number of things (this is mostly due to the fact that I am still learning how to raise chickens). I wasn't planning on having a rooster and was only interested in raising hens for the eggs (and bc they are loveable little creatures!)

    If I in fact have 2 males, how do I determine whether or not to keep them? I am not opposed to having a rooster, I just need some advice and suggestions.

    How do I go about find them new homes if that is what I need to do?

    If I keep a rooster, how does this impact my eggs? Can I still eat them regularly if they get fertilized?

    *Chick #1 (Matilda)



    *Chick #2 (Margaret)


    ....and this one just bc they are so dang cute!
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    It's easiest to tell at 8-12 weeks old, so I'm not really sure wether they're Roos or not. I can answer some of your questions though. 2 Roos need a certain number of hens to make sure they don't fight, and that the hens aren't over mated. I think that number is around 15. You can eat fertilized eggs, there's nothing wrong with that.
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    Both the Easter Egger and the Barred Rock look like pullets for now.

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